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“Australia 🇦🇺+COVID19 = Fully F*cked.” Great guest! Laurence McIntyre let’s us know how “mad” it is

• 58 min

COVID19 in Australia is unbelievable. Imagine several “lockdowns”? How about the latest lockdown at 300 days w\only one hour of outdoor activity. And you’re not allowed to meet & talk with your neighbors AND you’re not allowed to drive past 3-miles away from your home… (if you are not vaccinated, you are STILL in lockdown) Authoritarian police are power crazy; no protest are allowed, no rights to guns, or maze/pepper spray. Australia 🇦🇺 is experiencing unbelievable Sunk Cost Fallacy. According to Laurence, their leaders are dictating how Aussies live. And so much more…

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