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Sharon’s Bedtime story - happily interrupted by the well-known Leo Phoenix

• 92 min

Tonight’s podcast started out with Sharon reading a bedtime story for adults from her book: It's a New Day, Don't Be a S******d  As she' is reading, Sharon got a knock on her studio door... it is her studio neighbor Leo phoenix.  The well-known comic book writer and author of Lucy’s Dream and the Sun Blokkers So tonight's podcast turned into a fun interview.  We drank some tasty hard seltzer. laughed and talked about how artists struggled.  Leo shared his experience on what he has done to get where he is today...  And he's sitting pretty awesome with his well-know comic book and his travels around the world.     Leo was recently in Tokyo Japan (before COVID-19) Our talks on how was able to know Stan Lee, creator of Marvel Comics and the impact it made on Leo's art career.  Enjoy this Off-The-Fly podcast!  Cheers 🥂, Sharon Follow Leo on Instagram  Check out his Website

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