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EPISODE SUMMARY March 22 is World Water Day. The holiday, initiated by the United Nations in 1993, serves as a reminder that we must protect and conserve this limited vital resource.  Water scarcity is too real for many people on the globe. Did you know one in three people around the world lacks access to safe water? That’s 2.2 billion people who do not have access to clean water as many of us do. And according to Charity Water, women and girls around the world lose 200 million hours every day walking or water. And it is predicted half the world's population will experience water scarcity, a situation expected to result in the deaths of millions and an unprecedented rise in military conflicts.  The wars of the future will be fought for water, not oil. We can make a difference drop by drop. In this episode I expand on the following eight action tips: 1. Eat Food in Season 2. Reduce Food Waste 3. Don't Pollute Water  4. Support Organic Agriculture 5. Take Part in Beach and Waterway Clean-Ups 6. Collect Rainwater 7. Collect and Reuse Water From your Kitchen Sink and Shower 8. Share Your Story Thank you for joining me in this movement to save water and grow well-being for this planet we have the privilege to call home. Reach out to me at with any questions, or comments, or to let me know the work you are up to. Your emails go directly to my inbox. Be resplendent, Florencia Links and resources: Click here for the free How to Eat Less Water CONDIMENT STORAGE TABLE. It is a printable list of popular condiments that belong in the pantry and those in the refrigerator that can be hung in your kitchen for easy reference. Download FREE the TEN TIPS to EAT LESS WATER SUMMER PARTY PLANNING GUIDE for all the tips, steps, and info on how to celebrate like a kitchen activist with your friends and family. Find gifts designed to serve well-being at the Eat Less Water Shop. Get a copy of the EAT LESS WATER book

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