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EPISODE SUMMARY Organic food is more expensive than its conventional counterpart most of the time. This especially the case for animal proteins like eggs, dairy, and meat. But it is it worth the extra $$? What are we really paying for when we reach for a third party certified organic labeled food like USDA Organic? And how can we know it is organic?   I answer these questions plus explain some of the following basics around organic guidelines: What does the organic certification mean?When is the third party organic certification important?Is BUY LOCAL the same as organic?Is the Organic Certified label needed at the farmers' market?By the end of the episode you will have at least three reasons to support organic agriculture at the farmers' market and your neighborhood grocery store. Thank you for joining me in this movement to save water and grow well-being for this planet we have the privilege to call home. Reach out to me at with any question, comments, or to let me know the work you are up to. Your emails go direct to me inbox. Be resplendent, Florencia Links and resources: Click here for the free How to Eat Less Water CONDIMENT STORAGE TABLE. It is a printable list of popular condiments that belong in the pantry and those in the refrigerator that can be hung in your kitchen for easy reference. Download FREE the TEN TIPS to EAT LESS WATER SUMMER PARTY PLANNING GUIDE for all the tips, steps, and info on how to celebrate like a kitchen activist with your friends and family. Find gifts designed to serve well-being at the Eat Less Water Shop. Get a copy of the EAT LESS WATER book

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