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EPISODE SUMMARY I have reinstated the Sunday dinner. What that simply means to me is it's a day when I make dinner more of a production. I think it's really important to have one day of the week set aside to make more elaborate dishes. These are the days that you make those recipes that you say, I'll make it when I have more time. These are the meals you set aside to make those more elaborate meals remembering that what is considered "elaborate" for one home cook is different for another. So for me, elaborate is the day that we make lasagna or empanadas or homemade pasta. When we carve out one time a week or month to gather for a special meal, we are building deeper relationships while at the same time growing well-being for the planet. In this episode, I offer a few ideas to get you started to reinstitute the "Sunday" dinner, regardless of what day of the week or month it falls on.    Links and resources: Click here for the free How to Eat Less Water CONDIMENT STORAGE TABLE. It is a printable list of popular condiments that belong in the pantry and those in the refrigerator that can be hung in your kitchen for easy reference. Download FREE the TEN TIPS to EAT LESS WATER SUMMER PARTY PLANNING GUIDE for all the tips, steps, and info on how to celebrate like a kitchen activist with your friends and family. Find gifts designed to serve well-being at the Eat Less Water Shop. Get a copy of the EAT LESS WATER book Make sure you hit SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss out on future episodes released every Monday and (water) Wednesday.

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