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Episode Summary Now imagine you are at the grocery store in the milk section. You have many choices from organic to non-organic, and non-dairy alternatives. Which do you reach for?  Whether you are drinking milk from dairy cows or the dairy alternative, like soy, almond, or oat, the action tip for today’s episode is to reach for the organic option always. Even better, reach for the organic option that comes from small-scale dairy farmers like one of my favorite brands, Organic Valley.  Right before I recorded this podcast episode, I looked up the price for a half gallon of conventional or non-organic milk and the organic variety, specifically Organic Valley. The price difference was $2.00. And the difference in price between conventional milk and organic soy milk was 0.75. What you gain in that .75 cents to 2.00 more you pay for organic milk is huge.  At the individual level, paying the extra money means your glass of milk will not contain, trace chemicals from pesticides. Nor will you be drinking down growth hormones or antibiotics, both practices are restricted in organic certified food. But why does that matter? In this episode, I will examine a few of the differences (there are many others I will discuss in future episodes.)  I mention the following study in the episode. Link here. Links and resources: Download FREE the TEN TIPS to EAT LESS WATER SUMMER PARTY PLANNING GUIDE for all the tips, steps, and info on how to celebrate like a kitchen activist with your friends and family. Find gifts designed to serve well-being at the Eat Less Water Shop. Get a copy of the EAT LESS WATER book Celebrate summer with DRY FARM WINE. They curate delicious, low-sugar, organic wine from biodynamic farms around the globe. Learn more in my podcast episode HOW TO BUY YOUR NEXT BOTTLE OF WINE. Sign up with this link to receive an extra bottle for one penny with your first order! Make sure you hit SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss out on future episodes released every Monday and (water) Wednesday.

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