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How to Brew Coffee that Grows Forests

• 18 min

Eat Less Water Opportunity COOK WITH ME. Join me for a virtual live pizza party.  l will talk about how I choose ingredients to save water, offer batch cooking ideas, recipes, shopping list, with plant-based pizza topping ideas. I will provide you will a invitation template so you can invite friends over to join you. Here is a link to learn more.  Episode Summary Coffee is such an important ingredient to discuss because for many of us it's part of our daily routine. At my coffee grinding, and brewing is a morning ritual. How often do we really think about what's served in our mugs? And did you know coffee is the third, most heavily sprayed crop in the world behind cotton and corn with chemicals so toxic they are banned for use in the United States. But in areas where coffee is grown outside Hawaii, these chemicals are widely used and likely served in your cup of Joe. Coffee needs high elevation, a temperate climate, and upwards of 60 inches of rain to flourish. The state of Hawaii is the only place in the United States that meets all of those requirements. This is why when I wrote about coffee in my book, EAT LESS WATER, I found myself on the dormant volcano of the Mauna Kea and met with Hillary and Eric who are the owners of the Hawaiian Cloud Forest Coffee Farm. They were a phenomenal introduction on coffee growing, coffee roasting, and set out a blueprint of how to be stewards of the forest.   Coffee is an understory tree.  Just like the cacao bean scientists and farmers realize if they remove the coffee tree out from under the shade, the yield would increase. But when coffee is grown as its intended, which means under the shade of another tree the quality is better, the fruit is bigger, lusher and tastier.  And the tree is better positioned to naturally defend itself against pests.  During this episode you will learn why coffee is a powerful place we can grow our forests by simply choosing to support coffee brands who, like Hawaiian Cloud Forest Coffee are stewards of the forest and actively working to replant the forest canopy with indigenous trees. This week's action tips: Buy organic coffee beans.Skip the K-Cup. The number of mostly non-recyclable Single K-Cups sold in one year can wrap around the earth equator more than 12 times. Find and support shade grown coffee.When you purchase coffee grown outside the U.S., look for fair trade certified coffee. Links and resources: Download the 10 TIPS to EAT LESS WATER and SAVE WATER during your SUMMER GATHERINGSFollow me on Instagram:@eatless more about me and what I do, check out my website.Receive 15% off your first purchase at the Eat Less Water ShopOrder your bag of Hawaiian Cloud Forest Coffee. If you need ideas for wine to serve at your next party of gathering  that save water, build soil, and are delicious you can't go wrong with any of the following: Biodynamic wine Use this link at receive an extra bottle for 1 cent  with your first orderMake sure you hit SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss out on future episodes released every Monday and (water) Wednesda

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