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Florencia Ramirez



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   Build meals on the food you already have in your kitchen.  This seems like a no-brainer, but I know that unless I'm intentional about building my meals based around the things that I have, I don't do it.  Create a night every week for a catch-all recipe, a recipe to use up all the must eats in your refrigerator, especially the produce drawer. Every culture has these recipes like quiche, tacos, and pizza. These meal ideas are a great place to use the food that you have leftover in the refrigerator to waste less food, water, and $$.    In this podcast I share with you how I built a pizza night based on the ingredients I had on hand for a spontaneous dinner party. I also share with you how I approach cheese, which has a water footprint of 414 gallons per pound on my pizza.    Links and resources:   Receive 15% off your next purchase at the EAT LESS WATER shop and the 10 TIPS to EAT LESS WATER and SAVE WATER during your SUMMER GATHERINGSFollow me on Instagram: @eatless more about me and what I do, check out my website.  Make sure you hit SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss out on future episodes released every Monday and (water) Wednesday.   And, if you enjoyed this episode, please leave me a rating and review. It helps this podcast to be discovered by others who are ready to dig in too.   There is power in the collective, Florencia

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