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We each eat on average between 500-1300 gallons of water every day. Understanding the virtual water footprint of our food is a great starting point to begin Eating Less Water.   Water footprint totals of some popular foods: 1 almond = 1 gallon of water 1 slice of bread- 11 gallons of water 1 pound of lettuce = 10 gallons of water 1 orange = 21 gallons of water 1 apple =33 gallons of water 1 dozen eggs = 276 gallons of water 1 cup cooked rice = 50 gallons of water 1 pound of pasta = 230 gallons of water 1 pound of chicken = 468 gallons of water 1 gallons milk = 720 gallons of water 1 pound of cheese = 414 gallons of water 1 pound of beef = 1800 gallons of water 1 pound of butter = 3602   Show action tip: Serve more foods on your plate with lower water footprint totals (i.e. more plants on your plate). It’s better for you and for a river.   Links and resources:   Receive 15% off your next purchase at the EAT LESS WATER shopFollow me on Instagram: @eatless more about me and what I do, check out my website.  Make sure you hit SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss out on future episodes released every Monday and (water) Wednesday.   And, if you enjoyed this episode, please leave me a rating and review. It helps this podcast to be discovered by others who are ready to dig in too.   There is power in the collective, Florencia Click here for the free How to Eat Less Water CONDIMENT STORAGE TABLE. It is a printable list of popular condiments that belong in the pantry and those in the refrigerator that can be hung in your kitchen for easy reference. Download the TEN TIPS to EAT LESS WATER SUMMER PARTY PLANNING GUIDE for all the tips, steps, and info on celebrating like a kitchen activist with your friends and family. Find gifts designed to serve well-being at the Eat Less Water Shop. Get a copy of the EAT LESS WATER book. Reach me at


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