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060 - Does Digital Kill Advertising Creativity? Claire Winslow

• 24 min

Guest: Claire Winslow, CEO Best Practice Media discussing an evolving definition of creativity in advertising. Audience segmentation and funnels are the new form of creativityWe should not limit the word “creativity” to a traditional definition of coming up with the ideas - it’s more than the ideas because it also involves the technical skill and strategizing of promoting the message, which can be done creatively even if it doesn't resemble Mad MenThe evolution of language: it always changes. Look at Olde English. Old people always dog young people - it’s the pattern of humanity.Instead of taking slogans from traditional media and putting them on social ads, reverse it and let inexpensive social advertising inform the traditional ads which are more expensive to produce: Case study from Claire's agency Best Practice Media: Buc-ee's Texas road stop, an amusement park/gas station - how Claire’s team is helping Buc-ee's choose effective copy for their road sign using digital (A/B testing 15 slogan options on Facebook to inform outdoor advertising). More info: Buc-ee's, the convenience-store chain with a cult following and 'world-famous’ bathroomsFemale Founders Are Changing the World. Please Stop Calling Them 'Mompreneurs' and 'She-E-Os': Enough with the cutesy nicknames by Lee Buchanan Get in touch with Claire Winslow: Social Media Week Austin: Twitter: @bestpracticesmm SPECIAL EVENT: Join us at SkillSetters Flash Networking at Project Voice on January 14, 2020! Info: The official Tuesday night event at Project Voice:Increase the discoverability of your Alexa Skill or Flash Briefing live at #SkillSetters premiere cocktail hour!Come share your Alexa Skill or Flash Briefing, speed dating style! 50 Alexa Skill creators have the opportunity to give a short elevator pitch for your Skill in 1 minute to each person in the room. After each interaction, guests can scan each other’s QR code badge that opens their Skill on mobile. You’ll leave with up to 50 new users, new friends, and great ideas! Come network with the #SkillSetters at Project Voice! YOUR HOSTS: SkillSetters and Finalists for the Flash Briefing of the Year Award: -Emily Binder (Voice Marketing with Emily Binder) -Daniel Hill (The Instagram Stories) -Amy Summers (The Pitch with Amy Summers) With featured guest Bradley Metrock, host of Project Voice along with Audiobrain and more great sponsors! For information regarding your data privacy, visit

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