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059 - Celebrity Skin for Alexa: Novelty or More?

• 7 min

Amazon is charging users 99 cents to skin the standard parts of its voice experience with a celebrity voice. As we close out this decade, we can see a parallel between these early voice experiences and the beginning years of one of the most successful social media apps of all time (Instagram). Filters - whether photos filters or voice skins - begin as a bolt-on and a novelty. But imagine where they’re headed. Let’s think about rich, contextual experiences. Similar to what Google Assistant has done, Amazon is now giving customers the option to hear some familiar voices in addition to Alexa’s default voice. Today the company kicked off its celebrity voice program, and it’s starting with Samuel L. Jackson. - The Verge Enjoy this mini episode! Our regular interview format will resume in January 2020. Full show notes here. NEW: Get an email when we publish a new episode: click here to sign up free. 1-click subscribe free to this podcast in your favorite player. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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