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054 - Will You Use One Voice Assistant or Many? Dave Kemp and Katherine Prescott

• 21 min

Topics:Whether should brands create their own mini voice assistants like Beeb - which kind of brands should consider this? Katherine explainsThe newly announced Interoperability Initiative will strive to ensure that voice activated devices will work with multiple digital assistants like Alexa and Siri at the same time.The two camps regarding what the voice-first future holds:A) People will mainly interact with just one assistant (see Adam Cheyer, co-founder of Siri Inc.)B) We will all use multiple voice assistantsC) A middle ground of master and mini assistants - Dave explains how Alexa could launch Beeb (BBC's assistant) or Spot (Spotify's assistant) - and Beeb would be the master of that smaller domain / use case, making a better overall experienceAlexa eventually functioning as an App Store - but for voicePlus, how devices like Echo Buds and Echo Frames fit in to a world of mini voice assistantsWhat is the potential of Echo Buds to allow us to access web content we have never thought of as audio enabled? Echo Frames could be quite powerful to usher us into a world where the input is pure voice but the output/response is multimodal (visual and audio) - Katherine makes a great point here Guests:Dave Kemp, Business Development Manager at Oaktree Products, Inc. @Oaktree_Dave Katherine Prescott, Founder & Editor at VoiceBrew @kbprescott 1-click subscribe to this podcast anywhere Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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