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053 - Brian Roemmele - The Key to Successful Branding - Voice and Beyond - Pt. 2

• 41 min

If a brand plays too much in the reptilian brain, preying on FOMO or jealousy, they won’t create longterm fans or customers. Brian Roemmele explains what brands need to do to build longterm successful customer relationships. Every brand has an emotional connection to the people who use their products. But some covet it better than others. Brian and I discussed brand narratives and personas, touching on archetypes and even the neurochemistry of purchases and loyalty. My favorite part of the conversation is when Brian explained why the female voice is hardcoded by our evolution to be perceived as authoritative. So for everyone wondering if voice assistants being female is a bad thing, Brian will probably change your mind. Brian’s theory: All products, companies, and brands are a relationship with their consumer They have defining points as any human relationship does Timestamps coming soon See for privacy and opt-out information.

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