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052 - Brian Roemmele - Amazon’s Hardware Announcements: Keys to the Castle - Pt. 1

• 33 min

Guest: Brian Roemmele, "The Oracle of Voice" Echo Buds, Echo Frames, Echo Loop, and more brand new products announced last week will take Alexa to new fields: what does this mean? Brian Roemmele is known as the Oracle of Voice for a reason. Over decades he has predicted so many things that came true. The brilliance of these new products like Echo Loop is about getting Amazon into the castle without fighting for spaces that are already occupied, like the wrist or the pocket. A big theme of this episode is getting out of the weeds of the technical features like the carburetor or the exact RAM, and instead looking at better ways to get work done. Bigger picture. We are looking at the beginnings of new use cases in brand new paradigms. When you paradigm shift, the canvas is blank, and that’s where we are with voice. This is Part 1 - tune back in next week to hear more! Subscribe free in your favorite podcast app so you don’t miss it: Read more: Amazon Devices Event, September 2019 Timestamps and topics: Timestamps and topics: 04:00 Amazon’s patents telegraph the future 04:50 Amazon did not dominate in smartphone, obviously (Fire Phone failed - and at the time in 2014, people overlooked the first generation Amazon Echo) 05:50 Smartphone is an old modality 06:10 iPhone is the iconic smartphone 06:30 What is the strategy to get into the castle? Content and shopping, largest merchant on planet 07:10 Amazon is a retailer not a technology company - this is why Amazon created the voice first experience first Amazon does not pretend ot be a tech company, they’re a company that produces technology 07:50 They don’t have mindshare yet, and that is key 07:55 What happens with content and mindshare? How does content creation play in? 08:30 Amazon is not going after the smartphone or smart watch (not after the wrist or the pocket 09:10 Products that define new categories must be loved and hated 09:30 “Talk to the hand” back in vernacular with Echo Loop 10:30 Tech companies don’t consider anthropological and sociological impact of products 11:10 We ask“can we?” too often and don’t ask “Should we?” enough 11:45 Brian’s thesis: Hyper Local 11:55 Echo Loop (a ring) is not always on, it has a button. It draws you into the Alexa ecosystem without taking away from Apple AirPods - and that is brilliant 13:20 Future of the voice assistant that you talk to like a significant other 13:30 Done thumb clawing at screen - that is the future 13:50 Echo Frames and Echo Loop are early versions of the ubiquitous voice future 14:20 Near field computing, mid-field, and far-field (open room) - Amazon’s secret weapon over the castle wall was to get in the home (with Echo in 2014) - which became the fastest adopted consumer technology in history 15:10 The tech leap happened organically with consumers from kitchen to living room - Amazon is doing the same strategy again to get people to adopt this in the near field 15:50 People mocked the iPad (menstrual pad?) and look what happened - these products have to be hated or mocked 16:30 iPhone was laughed at because it didn’t have a keyboard. What is past is prologue. We always see the future through the glasses of right nowand the past - always view the future through the rearview mirror: 16:40 We defined the new in the words of the old, e.g.: the horseless carriage, flameless candle, talking pictures. 17:50 Most voice first experts have nothing to do with the technology world, which irritates folks in tech 18:45 Computing is not what it was for the last sixty years, and it will not continue to be what is has been the last twenty - think about this for typing and interacting 18:55 Technology gets bigger and bigger until it disappears (e.g. you don’t talk about your carburetor, you just buy a car that works or Jobs saying RAM doesn’t matter, you will only care what the computer does or accomplishes) 21:35 There are no killer applications for voice. “Apps?” That’

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