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051 - Alexa, How Can Brands Can Sell and Engage More Now? Bob Stolzberg

• 18 min

Guest: Bob Stolzberg, Founder of Voice XP Consider what Amazon might not realize: that brands can use voice as a marketing channel to sell directly to consumers - through Alexa and not with sales going through Think about it. Bob Stolzberg and Emily Binder dug into a great question about where e-commerce is headed: will brands be able to stand as independent ecommerce channels even while reaching customers through Alexa? Will brands really matter in an increasingly AI assisted future?  What can brands do today to improve customer experiences for shopping and getting information? Also: how voice will impact the future of advertising.  Plus, you'll find out how you can create a custom skill which lets your customers request a call-back from you through Alexa. 1-click subscribe to this podcast anywhere Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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