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047 - The New Wave of Financial Literacy - Xipi CEO Christine Concepción

• 20 min

Schools are more likely to teach you "Hot Cross Buns" on the recorder than what Roth IRA is. With one in five students lacking basic financial literacy skills, it is clear that current methods aren’t working. Xipi CEO Christine Concepcion and her co-founders teamed up to create a better way to educate people about their finances.  Christine experienced poverty at a young age and realized that education was the way out. She attended Columbia for undergrad then for business school, having graduated this past May. Xipi will provide micro-lessons in five minutes or less to teach financial concepts through reading, video, or other forms of content - a voice component is coming soonBeta launch in November 201906:00 Gamification is a big partAccessible language06:25 People with low levels of financial literacy rely on friends, parents, or friends to learn about money06:40 40% of Americans do not have $400 on hand for an emergency expense. They often rely on payday loans to cover costs, which puts them in an even more grave situation with extremely high interest rates.07:30 You see friends living their best life on Instagram but probably don't realize that 70% of young adults (people under 30) are receiving financial aid from their parents Connect with Christine Concepcion and Xipi: Instagram: @GetXipi Xipi Team: Our VoiceFirst Sponsor!With Trinity Audio, publishers and bloggers can turn their readers into listeners by turning their written content into lifelike speech. All it takes is a short snippet of code to audio-fy your website. Get started for free at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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