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046 - How NLP Improves Your Communication and Marketing - Corina Frankie

• 20 min

Guest: Corina Frankie, CEO & Founder of Brand Besties, Certified NLP Practitioner Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Voice Marketing, Communication, and Language Click here to play this podcast in your favorite app Show notes: 02:25 “NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is collection of practical techniques, skills, and strategies that lead to excellence.” -CorinaNLP helps businesses align their values and organization to build rapport with clients and staff and better understand needs and motivations of their customers03:45 Effective questions lead someone to the answer they may already have04:10 Language matters - how we communicate and interact with ourselves and others04:30 NLP helps us understand how the brain works: how do we process information on the inside that comes to us from outside events or experiences? The internal representations we make about an outside event are not the event itself.05:00 What does it mean if your boss gives you more work than your coworkers? The internal representation (processing) is not necessarily the reality of the event.06:00 How do we create the thinking we have? Where are customers, clients, and staff coming from in specific situations?06:20 How do we get someone to want to buy something?06:40 Everyone has a pain or need. A business tries to solve it. But everyone sees their pain differently.07:00 Car buying example: do you see, hear, or learn about the car by grasping it?07:20 Visual, auditory, or kinesthetic apply to a buying decision - are you applying these across messaging to align with your customer?08:00 Mismatch of enthusiasm and energy (current model of someone’s world) is jarring and can ruin a sale or negotiation08:40 We are hardwired to mirror each other - this helps10:00 With Alexa skills or Google actions and other voice apps brands need a consistent, holistic sonic identity to match the rest of their positioning11:00 NLP 4-Mat System: The basic premise of the 4-Mat system is that we all have different learning styles. Some people are motivated by Why? questions. They want to know why they are listening to this talk. Others by What? questions; they want information…and probably lots of it! The How? people want to get on and do an exercise, get their hands on it and try it. Then there are the What if? people who want to know how this material applies to their life, workplace or environment.12:10 The Charisma Pattern plays on kinesthetic, visual, and auditory pattern) - with a voice skill, how do you create a feeling or experience with the way you speak?13:20 Corina demonstrates slowing down and dropping her voice- like the recommendation for the late night FM radio DJ voice from Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss (highly recommend this book! Click here to order on Amazon.)14:02 People will tell you their primary representational system if you just listen to their language - pay attention to predicates and verbs people use14:45-16:04 Corina asks clients their vision for an experience she will create with Brand Besties - she listens for their predicates to find out if they are visual or kinesthetic so she can close the sale by speaking their language, e.g. “Picture this…” vs “How does this feel?…”16:20 Feeling predicates Connect with Corina Frankie:Brand Besties - Event Staffing and Promotional Modeling Agency NLP - email corina (at) corinafrankie (dot) com Our VoiceFirst Sponsor!With Trinity Audio, publishers and bloggers can turn their readers into listeners by turning their written content into lifelike speech. All it takes is a short snippet of code to audiofy your website. Get started for free at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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