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043 - Mics and Podcasting - Ben Thompkins, Blue Microphones

• 14 min

Guest: Ben Thompkins, National Sales Manager- Pro Sales, Blue Microphones TOPICS:Ben runs professional sales for Blue in North and South America, has been with Blue ten yearsHe handles B2B business, distribution, and educational salesHow does Blue differentiate in the microphone industry?Blue’s unique history (very music focused, podcasting has been recent)Started as a high end microphone company (many of their mics are still $6,000-$10,000)Took premium sound and made it affordable (see their podcasting mics)Blue’s marketing stands out - fun names like Yeti and Snowball4:34 Story: Snowball was originally called Softball - founder storySoftball (Snowball) was built for GarageBand, per Apple’s request- a simple USB micFounder Skipper turned them downEmily used Snowball on her first podcast (throwback: The Digital Dive Podcast)Blue Microphones are the #1 SKU on Amazon for Music / Musical Instruments (these mics are not in the electronics department)Hear about podfading (half of podcasts fade after 6 episodes) in Emily’s episode with Phoebe Mroczek8:10 Emily asks: are people ready for a more passive media experience (e.g. podcasting and voice - audio content) due to social media overload?"Half the picture is sound" - George Lucas on the importance of audio in filmHigh quality audio is paramount for communication and marketingBad audio on YouTube is worse than bad visualsBlue was acquired by Logitech for $117 millionBen is seeing a trend of XLR mics, not just USB mics (XLR is used at major music recording studios)If you’re paying for an expensive computer and Alienware, it makes sense to upgrade your audio tooVideo games are part of his market - gamers are buying nicer micsJoe Rogan uses a broadcast micPeople are spending more money on higher quality mics Instagram: @bthompkins, @bluemicrophones 1-click SUBSCRIBE FREE to this podcast on your favorite player: Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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