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042 - How Marketing is Failing the Modern Mature Consumer

• 18 min

Show notes: The 85+ age group is the fastest growing. There are more people 65+ than under age five. This is a huge missed opportunity for brands not talking to the 50+ cohort.60 million U.S. adults are between age 50-70: lots of spending powerPeter Pan syndrome in advertising worldWendi has been in DRTV since 1997 - and it's a lot of selling to women07:23 We are not data driven only because of the digital age, DR has been data driven since long before there was digital07:30 It has always been women purchasing on TV and in retail so why aren’t we honing in and speaking to them more?Marketers are not reaching mature consumers effectively mainly because ad agencies skew so young9:30 Too many marketers assume people watching CNN are on their way to assisted living9:50 Programmatic - ad fraud - billions wasted per year9:55 Voice is the future - voice is natural for all age10:25 What should marketers do to reach the 50-70 group with voice?10:55 "I've fallen and I can't get up" - famous ad was original voice technology - necklace to send help11:53 As people become elders they need voice to contact loved ones and order prescriptions12:10 Bezos - Amazon pharmacy play - smart12:20 Voice for assisted living - ideas where older people will understand and use the technology12:50 Voice is even more intuitive than an iPad, but who is the teacher? This matters.13:15 50-70 year old market who are thriving - Flash Briefings for this group would be great (Wendi will create one)13:55 How do you market your Flash Briefing? The challenge here is widespread for all ages.14:50 As soon as you are able to create content you can drive people to a destination (e.g. Wendi put the first URL instead of an 800 number in a commercial)15:15 A TV commercial to drive awareness of the 60+ Alexa skill would work - Wendi feels this is necessary to bring mass awareness to voice16:00 Super Bowl ads about Alexa16:10 "Go get the Alexa skill" is the new download the app or visit the website 5:11 Wendi is a consultant for the mature audience because brands get it wrong Ad agency ageism stats via Ad Age: In 2017, the majority, or 63 percent, of workers in advertising, public relations and related services were under 45 years of age, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The median age in the category was 39.2—roughly the same as a decade earlier. (By comparison, the median age in accounting, including tax prep, bookkeeping and payroll services, was 45.) Broadly speaking, age bias accounts for nearly a quarter of overall complaints against employers. Here are some great Alexa skills for seniors from Heidi Culbertson's company Ask Marvee: Get in touch with Wendi Cooper: - Speaking of Age LinkedIn - Wendi Cooper: YouTube: Wendi Cooper: Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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