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035 - Micro Moment Marketing - Melanie Touchstone

• 15 min

The key idea with micro moment marketing is to embrace the idea that you have but a few seconds to capture the attention of your target consumer. In those brief seconds, brands are challenged to convey a concise message that is relevant to the consumer. Otherwise, they're on to the next article, tweet, or email and you've lost their attention. On average, 150 times a day consumers experience purchase moments, research moments, and discovery moments, just to name a few. How can marketers be sensitive to these moments in the buyer journey to make our messaging more effective and less interruptive? How are brands from tires to cookies taking advantage of micro moments? Micro-moments are small occurrences throughout the shopper journey during which consumers are ready to act. Google narrows these moments down to four key categories: want-to-know momentswant-to-go momentswant-to-do momentswant-to-buy moments How do you market to consumers in a way that takes advantage of these moments in the buyer journey? Timestamps:2:00 It’s the small occurrences in the consumer journey when they’re ready to act - get into your customer’s mindset 2:15 The four types of micro moments, according to Google  5.23 Incorporate into your strategy: the micro moment 5:30 80% of mobile use in evening 6:00 Content shock: consumers are bombarded by information (we spend 4.7 hours per day on smartphones) 6:40 Seasonality - tire brand example and micro moment search terms 8:05 Serve the need the consumer has based on search and context - even with PPC basics 8:38 The want-to-know moment 8:55 Oreo marketing with Game of Thrones: embossed cookies for each GoT house, and on Twitter: #GameOfCookies #ForTheThrone 10:15 Game of Thrones Oreos 10:30 Sunday Scaries - Instagram phenomenon #SundayScaries 11:30 Production value is less important than quality and sensitivity to the moment in the buyer's journey 12:20 Guardian looked at shiny high production value videos on IG stories and return on effort wasn’t as high, so went for a lo-fi approach which worked better. "Lean into the culture of the internet." Source: The Guardian finds less polished video works better on Instagram Stories 13:15 Why lo-fi posts were more popular - on Instagram, people are looking for their friends, so brands who look that way blend in more and seem more natural About Melanie:Digital Marketing Strategist Melanie Touchstone helps fast-growth businesses develop and expand their brand presence through strategic, inbound marketing. Having spent over a decade working closely with the innovation ecosystem, Melanie has unique insight into the needs of early and middle-market companies. She specializes in brand and channel marketing. Connect with Melanie Touchstone: Twitter: @MelTouchstone Instagram: @TouchstoneMarketing Pippa: Check out our sponsor, and get a $25 Amazon Gift Card when you sign up for a year of hosting at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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