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030 - How to Ask for an Introduction the Right Way: Stop Wasting Time

• 7 min

1:30 I want to share this on a Wednesday because it matters 2:20 Skip the weather and generic pleasantries: personalize 2:40 Sample introduction request to Susan 3:02 It’s okay that it’s one-sided sometimes 3:15 Don't sound entitled  3:37 People love the power of saying “no" 4:05 Book: Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss - negotiation (thanks for the rec, Mitch Joel) 4:44 Give them an OUT. Include two things:  A copy/paste blurb about you so they don’t have to write itAn easy out5:17: The easy out: “I would appreciate the intro if possible but if you can’t, no problem and thank you in advance.” 5:34 Don’t seem beholden to the outcome and no one will feel trapped. Give everyone room to escape. Then they’ll feel better about not escaping. 5:45 Realize that you called in a favor (whether you are the requester or the introducer) 6:30 This is a withdrawal from a relationship bank account for the requester and for the introducer   Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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