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029 - Amazon Alexa In-Skill Purchasing Gets Upsell

• 12 min

Announcements - what's happening in February 2019 (first two minutes of show): This week I’ll be on Bradley Metrock’s show, This Week in Voice, which should air February 1, 2019If you’re in Atlanta, come to the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association (AiMA) event on February 6, where I’m moderating a panel about voice technology with Kesha Williams from Chik Fil A (she was the main keynote at The Alexa Conference), plus speakers from Home Depot and 360i: How Voice Will Disrupt the Buyer Journey - Innovation Series presented by Nebo AgencyNext podcast appearance: Alexa in Canada, the Voice Experience with Dr. Teri Fisher. This will air the week of February 11.Social Media Week Austin: #SMWATX Feb 19-22, I’m speaking about voice marketing. Date and time announced Feb 11. Show notes: CPG and FMCG especially need to pay attention to the updates in Alexa: ISP (in-skill purchasing) just got a facelift in the Developer Console, making it easier to upsell. This is just getting started. Skills with very high conversion rates for upsell to premium version (34-50%!): Big Sky (weather) and Escape the Airplane (game)Voice in the car - HUGE opportunity (car is faster growing and has 60% higher MAUs than smart speakers)Today is like first gen iPhone: you can't multitask - only one app at a timeWhere we are with skills now: you can only do one thing at a timeThis will improveVoice is for EVERY brandTyping is unnatural, awkward, and slow. We are computing in computer-ese. Let's talk. We can speak and process so much faster than we can talk or read. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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