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020 - Voice Marketing on Alexa Flash Briefing (Interview with KiKi L'Italien)

• 21 min

Watch the full video interview here. I interviewed KiKi L'Italien, CEO & Creative Technologist, about Voice Marketing with Alexa Flash Briefing. Topics: 1. How are you using voice for marketing? For yourself, #assnchat (Association Chat), or your clients? 2. What do you see being the biggest ways voice tech will impact marketing and business? 3. The popular stat is 50% of searches will be screenless by 2020: What can brands and marketers do now to prepare for how prevalent voice search will be? 3. What are your favorite Flash Briefings or Alexa skills? Mentioned: podcast about microphones on the bus picking up coughs to measure sickness in a region - I cannot find this - I thought it was on VUX World but now unsure. Agency and interviewee was in Kansas City... will update if I find. Get in touch with KiKi: IG & Twitter @kikilitalien On Alexa: Association Chat News Flash Briefing This is episode 20 of the Beetle Moment Marketing Podcast. SUBSCRIBE to the short weekly podcast: Consult with me (Emily Binder): Follow me on Twitter: Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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