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019 - Marketing Yourself (Interview with Kristen Knepper)

• 17 min

Kristen Knepper from Work Like a Girl interviewed me about how to market yourself. We covered some of the challenges we face as women, especially young women, when trying to market ourselves to advance our careers or build our personal brands. You can watch the full interview here. COMING SOON: Tune in next week for my upcoming interview with Kiki L’Italien about Voice Marketing with Amazon Alexa. Topics: What's the resistance to marketing oneself for most people? Why do women in particular resist "marketing" themselves at work? I notice women being modest on their resumes/cover letters (e.g., "worked on team that created" rather than "created"). What advice would you give a woman who thinks she's not truthful or bragging when speaking boldly? Can personal aspects enhance the professional brand? Should they? Self sacrifice and giving to others is a feminine ideal, but many women compete with one another at work. Why is this? See my other career advice videos: Consult with me: Follow me on Twitter: Kristen Knepper Consulting:  Click here to subscribe to this podcast so you'll never miss an episode! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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