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012 - Get a Sponsor (Not a Mentor)

• 4 min

Want to advance your career? Don’t worry about finding a mentor: get a sponsor.Show notes here. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Everyone talks about mentors. What we really need is sponsors. An advocate with social capital in an organization (sponsor) will advance your career more than a lunch buddy counselor (mentor). There's nothing wrong with mentors - they can be great. But sponsors lead to promotions, raises, and leadership opportunities. And women need those things. #WageGap "Women are 54% less likely than men to have a sponsor.70% of men and 68% of women who have a sponsor reported being satisfied with their career advancement.Women with sponsors are 27% more likely than their unsponsored female peers to ask for a raise and 22% more likely to ask for the stretch assignments that build their reputations as leaders." -Stats from FastCompany Find a sponsor. Be a sponsor. Recommend a sponsor.It can be a man or a woman. Let's help each other. Abundance mindset! Subscribe on Apple Podcasts If you enjoyed this podcast, please share it with a woman you know, then leave me a review on Apple Podcasts (I'd really appreciate your feedback!). Tweet me @emilybinder and let me know what you plan to do about all this. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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