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009 - A Fantastic Interview Question

• 1 min

Hear a great interview question that will tap into whether a candidate thinks about where the ball is headed. Whether you're in ecommerce or just about any business, asking this question about Amazon will give you a glimpse into someone's awareness and critical thinking when it comes to business in general. This question comes from my friend Harry Joiner, who runs Ecommerce Recruiter. Harry is full of career wisdom. Want more? Check out my last post inspired by Harry and my mentor and Persona Bay cofounder, Sandra Chesnutt: Two Simple Career Tips with Big ImpactGET MORE MARKETING GOODIES:Subscribe (Podcast)Get Daily Flash BriefingOn your Amazon Echo device (or in the Amazon shopping app), add the Beetle Moment Podcast Skill then say: "ALEXA, PLAY MARKETING PODCAST." --- THAT IS MY INVOCATION. #LandGrab. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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