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18. This is why people are not buying your offer

• 16 min

As a business and sales coach, I often get asked "how can I make more sales?" or "how can I convert my audience to buyers?", but the question you should ask yourself first is why aren't they buying. Understanding what objections and hesitations your ideal clients have is very important in speeding up the sales process.  Today, I want to talk to you about a problem that I see a lot of entrepreneurs struggling with when talking about their offers, which is holding them back from making sales. By making this one small shift, you'll start unlocking sales with more ease and attract ready-to-buy, ideal clients. Remember to tag me on IG if you're listening and let's connect further: Plus of course, don't go anywhere before you sign up to my FREE 2022 Sales Planner, to help you map out in-depth your best year in business yet:

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