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042. The 4 secrets to business success *no one tells about this!*

• 28 min

Could this be the spiciest episode I’ve ever recorded? Absolutely! After having a business previously and now 4 years as a business & mindset mentor, I’ve seen so much go wrong (and right). Today I’m here to share with you what’s hidin behind the curtain of the most successful online businesses, and why so many businesses have been failing the past 2-3 years. Here’s just a little preview: Why money is not always freedom, and what you should think about instead The one thing that you do daily that’s ruining your business How scaling can backfire (you’ll be surprised about this one!) Don’t forget to share if you enjoyed and send me a DM with your thoughts! Our links: Connect with me on⁠⁠ Instagram⁠⁠. Sign up to my ⁠⁠free email list ⁠for realllly good story-based emails 2-3 times a week. Ready to get off the income rollercoaster and master sales your way? Join my signature 6 months group program, ⁠ ⁠⁠Badass Sales Academy⁠⁠. Want to sign your first few 1:1 clients? Enrol in ⁠⁠Consistent Client Attractor ⁠⁠ (currently only £111) If you'd rather work with me 1:1, find all the options ⁠⁠here⁠⁠.

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