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How the 4% Safe Withdrawal Rate Failed Me with Kelly Iannone

• 40 min

Do you know how much money you need to save to be able to retire in your 50s or even earlier? What are you doing to prepare for your retirement? Are you just accumulating your money in traditional retirement accounts? If you think the 4% safe withdrawal rate is on your side, think again.  If you want to be financially independent, retire early, and live your dream lifestyle, today's episode with Kelly Iannone is a must-listen! Top 3 Things You’ll Learn: Why you should not put your money in traditional retirement accountsHow to use the retirement calculator Why multifamily syndications can be your path to financial freedom (depending on your Investor DNA) About Our Guest: Kelly Iannone co-founded Waypoint Commercial Investment Partners with her husband. They have been real estate entrepreneurs since 2017. Together they have a portfolio of 579 units throughout Florida, Georgia, and Texas valued at over $65 million. Kelly advocates for the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) community and is passionate about helping others achieve financial freedom through passive income from multifamily real estate. Connect with Kelly Iannone: Website - - Inner Circle LIVE 2023: August 25-27, 2023 Promo Code: PODCAST Retirement Calculator: Join the Community: Free Financial Strategy Call: Discover Your Path to Financial Freedom: Turn Active Income Into Passive Income:  Take the Financial Freedom Analyzer: Apply to Join the Passive Income Mastermind: a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"

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