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She Took on LinkedIn—and Millions of Women Won

• 19 min

Writer Heather Bolen didn’t set out to go viral. But her blog asking LinkedIn to make a simple platform fix soon became a rallying cry for women seeking to re-enter the workforce. Her post, which unexpectedly touched a nerve, tackled implicit hiring biases against women and society’s ongoing devaluation of caregiving roles. Hear how Heather’s persistence paid off—and why millions of stay-at-home parents looking to go back to work have her to thank. Read Heather's original post here: https://bettermarketing.pub/how-a-simple-platform-fix-can-help-millions-of-women-trying-to-re-enter-the-workforce-5dc12165cf73. Note to All Readers: The information contained here reflects the views of AllianceBernstein L.P. or its affiliates and sources it believes are reliable as of the date of this podcast. AllianceBernstein L.P. makes no representations or warranties concerning the accuracy of any data. There is no guarantee that any projection, forecast or opinion in this material will be realized. Past performance does not guarantee future results. The views expressed here may change at any time after the date of this podcast. This podcast is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. AllianceBernstein L.P. does not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. It does not take an investor’s personal investment objectives or financial situation into account; investors should discuss their individual circumstances with appropriate professionals before making any decisions. This information should not be construed as sales or marketing material or an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any financial instrument, product or service sponsored by AllianceBernstein or its affiliates. The [A/B] logo is a registered service mark of AllianceBernstein, and AllianceBernstein® is a registered service mark, used by permission of the owner, AllianceBernstein L.P. © 2021 AllianceBernstein L.P.

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