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Seize the day

• 28 min

Imagine yourself years from now looking back at the decade that was. As you think about your life, your career, your friends, your family, your tribe—what happened to your path? How did you change when the world was upside down, when the gravity of your roots were the only connectivity to your core values and beliefs? At what point did the future begin once again? The decisions we make everyday in life matter, none more important than during times of tragedy. The real visionaries are the ones who accept that if nothing they have historically held on to is guaranteed, then this is the time of opportunity to do the thing as it needs to be done.   In this episode of One Vision, Theo and Bradley chat with Dr. Leda Glyptis, Chief Executive Officer at 11FS Foundry, and author of the weekly column #LedaWrites on Fintech Futures. Leda discusses her own path, her motivations for the future, and inspires us to do the same. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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