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Mise en place (everything set in its place)

• 32 min

How does gastronomy and financial services coalesce? As you build skills in the kitchen, every aspiring chef learns about the significance of mise en place, or having everything ‘set in place.’ This helps the cooking process become more efficient, but also more pleasurable as you master facets of the culinary arts. The elements of mise en place include choosing a recipe and building a plan, preparation of work space and equipment, and the assembly of essential ingredients. It helps you learn to inject new ingredients as it enables moments of serendipity. There is a similar arc for successful innovation and product development within financial services. It starts with getting the right people in the kitchen. Are you hungry for more?  Join Theo and Bradley in conversation with Peggy Mangot, serial entrepreneur and SVP of Innovation at Wells Fargo, as she talks about her experience within financial services innovation from big tech to startups to big banks, creating an environment of collegiality and debate, the importance of lifelong learning and an ongoing sense of optimism and hope. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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