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Top 5 Safety Tips for Avoiding Disasters When Traveling Solo with Angie Orth

• 4 min

Traveling solo is exhilarating! But while the narratives that you encounter on social media may all look perfect, planning with safety and comfort in mind can make or break any trip. Safety is paramount, and the more you do in advance to prepare for the unknowns, the better you’ll feel going into it. The outcome can often depend on how prepared you are for your next solo voyage.For smart solo travelers, laying the groundwork during the planning phase makes all the difference. Today, Angie Orth shares her top 5 safety tips for avoiding potential disasters when you’re hitting the road solo. You’ll hear her personal experience from years of solo travel. She shares what she’s learned the hard way, and how a handful of planning hacks have helped her avoid potential travel disasters. You’ll learn how to navigate safety factors for any destination, and why budgeting for the worst-case scenario is always a smart move.What You’ll Learn:* How to be prepared for the unknown (1:19)* Meeting people the smart way (2:23)* A booking tip to manage your arrival time (2:53)* Researching your destination in advance (3:19)* One thing you should never skimp on in your budget (3:50)Connect with Angie:Website: ( ( Tok: ( ( ( ( Flirting With Disaster: True Travel Tales of Fear, Failure, and Faith by Angie OrthConnect with AAA:

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