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The Thrill of an African Safari, with Sherwin Banda

• 20 min

Have you ever felt the call of the wild? There’s only one way to see the wild animals of the African landscape in their element, capture photographs of otherworldly landscapes, and sleep under the stars—all while knowing you’re perfectly safe and secure. You take an African safari. Today, Angie Orth welcomes Sherwin Banda, a safari expert and president of tour operator African Travel. His commitment to inclusion has made the organization a leader in providing breathtaking and authentic journeys that are tailored to each client’s desires, travel style, and budget.You’ll hear what it’s like to experience the extraordinary journey of an African safari. You’ll learn which part of Africa is best suited for what you’re looking for based on wildlife viewing and level of comfort, from budget-conscious minimalist to all-out luxury. You’ll also learn how to pack and prepare for your big adventure, and why Africa will send you home a changed person. What You’ll Learn:* Defining what makes the safari experience so unique (2:48)* How much time you should plan for a safari (7:12)* Where to go based on your requirements and desires (10:43)* How to prepare for a safari (15:43)* Why the safari experience feels life-changing for so many people (18:21)Connect with Sherwin Banda:African Travel: ( ( ( ( ( with AAA:LinkedIn: ( https://www.instagram.

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