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5 Biggest Upcoming Astronomical Events and Where to See Them, with Valerie Stimac

• 11 min

Astrotourism is trending, and for good reason. The skies above us are magical places where things are happening all the time. Every once in a while, major events take place that are definitely worth putting on the calendar, even traveling for. But you can’t go if you’re not in the know.  Today, Angie Orth is back with travel and space tourism writer Valerie Stimac. In our previous episode, we talked about astrotourism and some of the most spectacular shows in the sky, from comets to meteors to the famous Aurora Borealis. This week, we’re revealing our list of the top 5 most talked-about upcoming astronomical events. You’ll hear why NOW is the ideal time to start planning your aurora or australis borealis trip. You’ll hear about two major meteor showers happening in the Northern Hemisphere, and why you should check the moon cycle before planning any stargazing excursion. Finally, you’ll hear about the biggest event happening in the skies this year, and important safety tips to keep in mind before the big day. What You’ll Learn:* Why the northern and southern lights are so strong this year (1:07)* A spectacular spring meteor shower you don’t want to miss (1:34)* The biggest meteor shower to catch this summer (3:11)* One major comet to look out for this fall season (6:03)* A unique, unmissable event happening in April (6:48)Episodes Referenced:Alaska: Exploring the Great Land New Zealand’s South Island with Kyle Mulinder5 Things to Know About New Zealand’s South Island with Kyle MulinderConnect with Valerie Stimac:Website: ( ( ( with AAA:

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