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5 Tips for Exploring Barcelona Like a Local with Matt Ford

• 6 min

Guidebooks are great for when you’re a first-time visitor to a city. But what about when you want to dig a little deeper? How do you find those hidden gems that give you a real feel for how locals experience their home turf? The answer is obvious, but not always so easy to do. You talk to a local. Luckily for you, we’ve got just the one you want to talk to if you want to experience the more authentic side of this famous city. Today, Angie Orth is back with Barcelona-based journalist and filmmaker Matt Ford. In our last episode, Matt shared stories about the history, culture, and world-famous architecture in Catalonia’s capital city. In this episode, we’re peeking behind the tourist curtain to uncover the real Barcelona, from local neighborhoods to the best food for every budget.  You’ll hear about What You’ll Learn:* What to know about the local languages (1:00)* Local neighborhoods where you can really experience the culture (2:14)* Demystifying the meal schedule (3:09)* What to drink and where to hang out late-night (4:26)* A great neighborhood bar to spark up a conversation with locals (5:05)Connect with Matt Ford:Website: ( ( ( with AAA:LinkedIn: ( ( (

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