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Adventures in Barcelona with Matt Ford

• 23 min

Is it the Michelin-starred restaurants, the wild and whimsical architecture, or the easy-going energy of the people that keeps people coming back? Of course, we’re talking about the coastal Catalonian city of Barcelona. And the answer is all of the above. Today, Angie Orth welcomes Matt Ford. He’s a Barcelona-based journalist and filmmaker who has spent over 20 years telling stories. He’s been everywhere from the star-studded film sets of Hollywood to the furthest reaches of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Today, he shares his insider knowledge about life in bustling Barcelona.  You’ll hear about the long and complex history of Barcelona and how its thoughtful design and outrageously ornate architecture helped turn it into one of the most visited cities in Europe. You’ll learn when to visit if you want a more locally-infused experience, and where to eat if you want to splash out on a meal to remember. What You’ll Learn:* Why the layout of Barcelona plays such a historically important role (2:18)* Where to experience the glory of Gaudi (5:07)* The best time to visit and avoid the crowds (11:52)* The culinary history and Michelin-level experiences (15:13)* Market experiences and what to drink (20:25)Connect with Matt Ford:Website: ( ( ( with AAA:LinkedIn: ( ( (

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