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Hot Destinations for 2024 with Paula Twidale | Part 2

• 13 min

Still mulling over where to spend your vacation time this year? A beach vacation, a spectacular hiking destination, or a ….? With so many options, how can you decide where to go? Well, you’re in luck! In part 2 of our Hot Destinations series, we’re helping you narrow it down, pointing you in the direction of your next memorable trip. Today, Angie Orth is back with Paula Twidale, the senior vice president of travel at AAA. As a five-time Travel Agent Magazine nominee for one of the most powerful women in travel, she has the inside scoop on trending destinations. You’ll hear which destinations are trending, from the warm waters of the Mediterranean to the flashy cities of Southeast Asia. Learn where to go if you’re an art lover, an architectural admirer, or a fan of milk chocolate or dark stout. What You’ll Learn:* Island hopping, iconic whitewashed buildings, and mouthwatering Mediterranean food (0:45)* Sturdy stout, friendly locals, and spirited sing-alongs on the Emerald Isle (3:49)* A quintessential European destination for art, architecture, and romantic vibes (6:25)* The ultimate lake destination for chocolate lovers (8:07)* A taste of the tropics in an ultra-modern city (9:56)Resources:Episode 34: The Pleasures of Paris & the 2024 Summer Olympics with Lee Abbomante ( 35: Discovering Japan - Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, & Beyond with Don George ( 43: The Best New Year's Eve Destinations Around the World with Lee Abbamonte and Alexandra Baackes ( with Paula Twidale:LinkedIn: ( with Angie Orth:Instagram: https://www.

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