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National Open Commerce and Safer Highways Coalition - 119

• 69 min

Recently the FTC and FMCSA announced new rules that would adversely affect the Towing Industry and those who supply and support the industry. Luckily, a large group of towers from around the nation worked tirelessly to create a new Coalition not only to fight against these new proposed rules but to combat the negative stereotypes and misunderstanding of the costs and challenges we face while trying to keep America's roads and commerce flowing. NOCSHC isn't simply talking about doing something about it, they are doing something about it. They already have D.C. lobbyists and two D.C. law firms who specialize in the FTC Rulemaking process on the ground and digging in. The coalition is here to fight for every tower in the United States but they need your help. Please check out and their Facebook page National Open Commerce and Safer Highways Coalition to learn how you can help and donate.   Thanks to our Show Partners Miller Industries Traxero HAAS Alert Safety Cloud Emergency Road Service Coalition of America ERSCA

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