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All Things Traxero - 120

• 73 min

Traxero's products help glue the business side of our industry together by offering several pieces of software, services, and hardware that integrate in a way we've never before seen. Dispatching software, payment systems, GPS, dashcams, auctions, and more. Whether you're using a pen and paper wondering if it's time to go digital or a 20-year veteran of digital dispatching wondering if there is a better way, give them a call. This episode discusses many of the integrated solutions they offer and how to receive additional information about them. We also talk a bit about how their podcast Traxero-On-The Go comes together. Our guests on this episode are: Jillian Grassetti - Senior VP, Sales & Marketing Laura Dolan - Senior Content Director Shelli Hawkins - Director of Market Engagement Traxero On-The-Go Podcast     Show Partners: Miller Industries TRAXERO HAAS Alert Safety Cloud Emergency Road Service Coalition of America ERSCA

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