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My top 5 best places to invest your dollars when starting or growing your product based business.

• 25 min

Start your product-based business the right way.  Getting your foundations in place and know that you are on right track.  Having a plan and action steps to work on is crucial to help you move forward.  Knowing where to spend money and/or your time when you first start your business is one of the things is talk to with many many clients.   Now everyone starts from different places and with different $ dollars in the bank right?  I get that.  Some of you have been saving diligently from your corporate or full-time job or have been made redundant or lost their job due to covid.    Everyone is different.  What I am going to talk about with you today is a general example of where I think money is best spent when you are launching a new brand and why.  Or if you have kicked off use this as a checklist to make sure you have completed all these as a priority! I list out my thoughts on where money is best spent at the start and also what should be the focus. You'll find out my TOP 5 priorities when it comes to launching or refreshing your product based business. To join my waitlist for thelotco collective membership you can head here. Or to download one of my freebies to help you run your business head here. Follow me on Instagram @thelotco and  visit my website at   

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