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10 reasons you should have a SHOPIFY website.

• 24 min

What platform should I use for my website?   This is a question I see asked ALL the time.  Now my answer is always Shopify if you are an eCommerce and product-based business.   Listen in today to find out the 10 reasons why I believe SHOPIFY is the website platform for you if you are a product-based business or eCommerce store. And why I also don't believe it is too expensive!! The  Reel about credit cards leading to abandon cart is linked here. I mentioned the all-in-one list for how to improve your Shopify stores SEO.  Shopify SEO guide As well as a Pros and Cons of other options and other platforms for your business. I hope you enjoyed this episode and woud love to hear why you or won't be going with shopify!!! To find out more about working togther you can head to: or follow me on Instagram at @thelotco

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