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What is indent? When do you sell and when do buyers buy?. The what, the when and the how?!!

• 22 min

Buying and Selling and all the in-betweens episode.  Covering times on the buying calendar and when stores will be doing their buying. In this episode  I dive into when buyers spend time buying what it looks like for different industries and the difference between boutiques and department store buying and what the heck does indent mean!!   Of course, this means covering off when you should do your selling then to match!!  I work with a lot of brands and also work with a lot of retail stores.  They are my main two types of clients.    One of the questions that comes up for brands and new product-based businesses and is something that is covered in my wholesale group program more intensively is the buying cycle.  I will run through that here today as well as the fine line between balancing stock as a retailer and how to manage your buying. Thank you so much for listening to thelotco business podcast.  If you enjoyed this episode please make sure you subscribe to receive future episodes as they are released and I'd be so so grateful for a review on Apple podcast. You can find out more about thelotco at @thelotco or  

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