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Divorce and Separation

Nikki Parkinson



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How to have a good divorce with Sarah Armstrong, Author of The Mom's Guide to a Good Divorce

• 28 min

Have you ever asked yourself what is a good divorce? And if it’s even possible to have a “good divorce” or a “good separation” when you have children. Nikki Parkinson is joined Sarah Armstrong, Mum of Grace, Author of The Mom’s Guide to a Good Divorce: What To Think Through When Children Are Involved and marketing expert whose work has been recognised worldwide, she is currently Vice President of Global Marketing Operations at Google.  Nikki and Sarah discuss - No one gets married to get divorced but what can you do to make conscious decisions through the divorce process. A good divorce versus a bad divorce. How to make sure children are the focal point and not collateral damage. Where to start to have a good divorce. How to fill the gaps. Preparing your child to become the "Professional Traveller". Host: Nikki Parkinson. Divorce and Separation Hub Website. Guest: Sarah Armstrong. Website. Facebook. LinkedIn. Buy the book HERE. Join our community of like-minded people @thedivorcehub on Instagram and Facebook.  Executive Producer and Editor: Tiffany Richmond. You can contact Tiffany via her website and on Instagram @tiff__richmond.

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