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364: The Latest Medical Breakthroughs to Slow or Reverse Aging, Prevent Disease, Lose Fat, and Fight Pain | Adeel Kahn, MD

• 70 min

Adeel Khan, M.D., is a board certified physician and one of the leaders in the clinical application of cell and gene therapies for anti-aging and chronic diseases. 15 Daily Steps to Lose Weight and Prevent Disease PDF: - Get my FREE eBook now! Become a Genius Life Premium Member! Learn more: This episode is proudly sponsored by: Open is a fun, community-driven, and science-based breathwork practice to regulate your nervous system and change your life. Use for 30 days free. LifeForce is a powerful, at-home biomarker testing solution (they test important biomarkers like ApoB, LDL, A1C, hormones, and more!). Head to and use code GENIUS for 15% off.  MUDWTR is a delicious morning or afternoon beverage that can be enjoyed hot or iced (just like coffee) that energizes you but won't mess up your sleep! Head to and use code GENIUS for 15% off.

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