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Introduction to Tokenization and Encryption with Skyflow’s Joe McCarron

• 34 min

Joe McCarron, with prior roles at Zendesk and Apollo GraphQL, has spent much of his career thinking about and building products for developers. Today, he serves as the product lead for Skyflow's Vault, APIs, and developer experience. In this episode, Joe discusses how his undergrad in Political Science and career working on developer-first products led him to Skyflow. Sean and Joe discuss tokenization and encryption, how they are different, the problems they solve, and what every engineer should know about these techniques. Topics: What is your background as a product manager? How did you end up with an interest in working in the data privacy space? And what’s your work history in this space? What is tokenization? What is encryption? How are they different? What problems does each solve? Do they compete with each other or are they complementary? How much does your typical engineer need to understand about encryption and tokenization? What are the big gaps in data privacy today? What future technology or development are you excited about? Where should someone looking to learn more about the data privacy space begin? Resources: Demystifying Tokenization

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