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204. The transformation imperative for midcap companies

• 36 min

Midcap companies have vast opportunities to increase their performance and scale if they reinvent how they work. Midsize companies don’t dominate the headlines and investor attention the way large corporations do, but they represent more than 40 percent of the global workforce and account for approximately one-third of most economies’ GDP. However, the productivity of small and midsize businesses is only half that of large companies, and lower in emerging economies. These businesses have vast opportunities to increase their performance and scale. In this episode, we discuss how midcaps can seize the opportunity to transform themselves and reach a significantly higher level of performance. Joining us are Zakir Gaibi, a senior partner in McKinsey’s Johannesburg office, Mauricio Janauskas a senior partner in the Santiago office, and Kedar Naik is a partner in the Brussels office. You can read their article Unleashing the power of midcap companies on Join the McKinsey Transformation community on LinkedIn. Discover our latest insights and join more than 90,000 influential professionals who are part of our LinkedIn community.: See for privacy information

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