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184. How to manage a successful CEO transition

• 41 min

Great CEOs know that the transition to their successor will define their legacy and cement the strength of what they’ve built. We speak with three McKinsey experts about how the best CEOs prepare for the final phase of their tenure. We're joined by Carolyn Dewar, a senior partner in our Bay Area office, Blair Epstein, a partner also based in San Fransisco, and Kurt Strovink, a senior partner in our New York office.  Related Insights Sending it forward: Successfully transitioning out of the CEO role CEO Excellence: The Six Mindsets That Distinguish the Best Leaders From the Rest   The CEO Journey Join our LinkedIn community of more than 91,000 members and follow us on X at @McKStrategy.  Explore our collection of Inside the Strategy Room episode transcripts on  Discover our latest insights and join more than 90,000 influential professionals who are part of our LinkedIn community.: See for privacy information

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