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182. CEO alpha: How to cultivate great leaders for greater gains

• 33 min

For any company, having a CEO who makes effective, strategic decisions can help teams go far. CEOs who excel at this have what McKinsey senior partner Sacha Ghai calls “CEO alpha.” In today’s episode, Sacha speaks with Brian Vickery, a partner in our Boston office who hosts our Deal Volume podcast which is focused on private capital. During today’s discussion, they’ll cover a range of topics, including the implications of CEO Alpha for chief executives who are leading private equity portfolio companies, the different mandates these CEOs face, the steps they can take to create alpha, and how they are navigating an increasingly volatile economic and geopolitical environment.   Related reading: The CEO alpha: The advantages of exceptional leadership CEO alpha: A new approach to generating private equity outperformance CEO Excellence collection Related listening: Deal Volume on Apple Podcasts Join our LinkedIn community of more than 91,000 members and follow us on X at @McKStrategy.  Explore our collection of Inside the Strategy Room episode transcripts on    Discover our latest insights and join more than 90,000 influential professionals who are part of our LinkedIn community.: See for privacy information

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