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178. How Major League Baseball built an innovation machine

• 35 min

Major League Baseball’s Chief Operating and Strategy Officer Chris Marinak speaks with McKinsey innovation leader Erik Roth about how the league is using fan feedback, experimentation, and data to change a game steeped in tradition and culture to reach the next generation of fans. This season, MLB implemented rules changes that fundamentally altered the pace and action of the game and continues to embrace innovation and technology to improve the game and the overall fan experience. Related Insights   Follow The Committed Innovator podcast Read and listen to past episodes of The Committed Innovator Join our LinkedIn community of more than 91,000 members and follow us on X at @McKStrategy.  Explore our collection of Inside the Strategy Room episode transcripts on  Discover our latest insights and join more than 90,000 influential professionals who are part of our LinkedIn community.: See for privacy information

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